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About Us

Our Story

The Pit and the Peel was started in 2015 when the founder recognized that there was a need for healthy quick-service restaurants offering a variety of clean, fresh menu items. Now, they have grown to five separate locations, all offering a varied menu that includes sandwiches, bowls, salads, juices, wraps, and smoothies.

Our Mission

Build healthier communities by providing our guests with delicious, nutritious food options so that they can maintain their health goals.
Provide a clean and inviting atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.
Forge connections between people and their food by offering locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients.
Create a more sustainable foodservice industry by only sourcing our ingredients from responsible vendors.
The Pit and the Peel is a convenient option for busy, hungry people who want fresh food. As an alternative to traditional coffeeshops and fast-food, The Pit and the Peel provides our guests with a space where they can enjoy healthy offerings rather than the sugary baked goods and caffeine-heavy coffee favored at other cafes.
Want to get involved in a business that promotes health and wellness, as well as all the rewards of owning your own restaurant? Contact us to find out if opening a Pit and the Peel franchise is the right opportunity for you.

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