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Why a Juice Business Idea Can Be a Better Bet than a Coffee Shop

November 23, 2022

When you’ve worked hard, picked up valuable experience, and developed a strong skill set, it can make sense to look for a franchise that allows you to put your abilities to work for yourself. Coffeeshop ownership can be one option, but a juice business idea could be the smarter move.

Why consider owning a juice-bar business over a coffee place? Because doing so can put new owners in a position for future expansion, while allowing them to connect with a clientele looking for a new favorite daily stop.

There are plenty of reasons to consider starting a juicing business, and we’re putting the focus on four of the essential ones in this article.

  • Industry
  • Beyond the usual
  • Modern and in tune with today
  • Potential for growth

For prospective owners, a juice business idea can be a way to move from worker to leader while selecting a franchise option that stands apart from the others. Here’s just a few reasons why.

Industry Performance

Any business, whether it’s a coffee shop or a great juice business idea, operates within a larger industry. And that industry’s performance can be a key indicator of the potential of a franchise, and guide future owners as they consider which way to turn.

Past growth, and expectations for the future, can be a good way to take the industry’s temperature before choosing a franchise. It should be the first stop for any potential owner.

For folks who have a juice business idea and are considering moving into franchise ownership, the field in question is the health-food industry.

It’s an industry that’s been growing for years. And the future should see additional expansion, with a projected combined annual growth rate of almost 5% through 2027.

That kind of consistent performance, with more likely to come, can help prospective juice restaurant owners move ahead with confidence.

Go Beyond the Usual: A Juice Business Idea

What are customers looking for in a daily destination? For many of them, it can be something as simple as a choice that’s a little different in a world that can all seem the same.

That’s what a juice business idea can deliver to them, every day.

Just Another Coffee Shop…

Look at any busy stretch of a city street, and you’re probably going to see at least one coffee shop, and maybe two or three, in a short time. They’re part of the landscape of every American town.

And that’s fine for some people, but many other folks are looking for something outside of the predictable and usual. A juice business idea could almost be custom-designed for them.

Customers are Looking for Fresher Ideas

Running a place that serves fresh, heart-smart drinks and food can connect owners with a growing pool of customers who want quality and convenience along with a daily experience that the garden-variety coffee stop can’t give them.

A Juice Bar Business: In Tune with Health

Today’s world is not the same one our parents grew up in. Modern businesses that recognize that could be well positioned for future growth.

That’s one reason a juice business idea can be the right choice for potential owners looking for a forward-thinking brand.

H3: Starting a Juicing Business is Thinking Outside the Box

One of the larger societal shifts that has been underway for a while, and which appears to be picking up speed, is the movement toward more heart-smart, health-conscious choices in daily life. That begins with diet, and with daily habits in particular.

A franchise that focuses on clean eating, and serves responsibly sourced menu items and juices without added sugars or syrups, is designed for the future. It’s what more customers are searching for every day.

Health concerns about what we eat and drink are part of modern life. They can shape individual choices, and that’s a powerful force that can drive commerce in the future.

Growth Potential

We’ve seen that an industry on the rise, a daily destination beyond the same old, and a menu designed for today are all key aspects of a great juice business idea. Each point can be a compelling reason to own a clean-eating franchise.

And when combined with a proven business model and an experienced franchise team? They can indicate a brand with the potential for future expansion.

This is where franchise support can be essential. Knowing they’re not alone, and that they have assistance when they need it, can give owners the peace of mind they need to start thinking about growth plans.

A modern franchise model does more than offer support, too — they can provide guidance and long-term strategy to an owner, and provide them with the benefit of their experience in the field.

It can make all the difference to a growing business, and to its owner.

Turn a Juice Business Idea into Reality with The Pit and the Peel

Industry, concept, menu, and support can be the keys to a modern juice franchise. And it’s how The Pit and the Peel approach every day.

We create warm, welcoming spaces for our guests to enjoy meals, juices, snacks, or other craveables all made fresh and without the sugars, salts, and caffeine you mind find in the corner coffee shop. It’s a heart-smart, quality first way of working, and it’s helped us grow.

At The Pit and the Peel, we’ve got a franchise built for today’s customers, and we’re on the move. We’re preparing to expand into new territories, and we’re looking for future owners to join us.

Want to find out more? Contact us today!

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